Insulation Removals


Insulation Removals

It is occasionally necessary to remove insulation due to:

  • Deterioration, rotting or insect/rodent infestation of organic moisture absorbent insulation (paper or wool).
  • Clearing timber for borer or similar treatment.
  • Prior to removing ceiling linings during extensive renovations.
  • Homeowner allergy to dust or chemical.

removals_fullWe offer a full removal and reinsulation service for accessible roof attics or sub floor cavities. 

With blankets/batting/boards this involves bagging the materials & either dumping or storing on site for later reinstallation.

With loosefill materials we utilise a suction machine, mounted on a trailer outside, which keeps the inside area reasonably clean. These materials are rarely reused and with moisture absorbent materials we leave reinstallation for 3 – 5 days to ensure the surrounding timber has dried out.