Landlords Required to Insulate their rental properties

New rules anounced by the government will require landlords to ensure their rental properties are insulated and have smoke alarms by July 2019.
“The new law will require retrofitting of ceiling and underfloor insulation in rental homes over the next four years,” Dr Smith said in a statement.
180,000 New Zealand homes required insulation and 120,000 homes needed smoke alarms.

“The health benefits of this will be reduced hospitalisations from circulatory and respiratory illnesses, reduced pharmaceutical costs, and fewer days off work and school,” Dr Smith said.

The Government said the average cost of retrofitting both ceiling and floor insulation was about $3300.
Landlords could apply for a subsidy through the “Warm up New Zealand: Healthy Homes” scheme, but funding for that programme was only guaranteed to run till next June.
Officials estimate 180,000 privately tenanted rental properties will require retrofitting of insulation in the period up to July 2019.
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I’m a landlord – what can I do to insulate my rental property?

Insultech Insulation can help landlords ensure their rental properties comply with the new government regulations.
Insultech Insulation can assess your rental properties to help identify the most cost effective insulation options. We have 3 great products to help retrofit most existing homes. These include:

  • CosyWall Insulation – A cost effective and easy to install insulation that’s blown into existing wall cavities and provides great thermal and acoustical benefits.
  • Qmulus Insulation – A a soft, granulated mineral wool product that’s blown into your roof cavities. Perfect for most New Zealand rental homes.
    Qmulus is suitable for all roof types.
  • Warmafloor Insulation – A polyester fibre blanket manufactured specifically for placing between floor joists, against the underside of the floor.

The property i’m renting needs to be insulated

If you think the property your renting needs to be insulated, the best thing to do is forward them to this page and get them to give us a ring. We can work directly with your landlord to provide the best possible insulation solution for your property.