New builds / Renovations

Since 1978 all new homes and major renovations have had to be thermally insulated. Since 2007 insulation standards for new homes and major renovations have been increased with a new addition to the standard due out in 2016

The minimum requirements for insulation in new homes and proper installation is critical for making sure insulation works correctly. Bad installation affects the R value of the insulation (how all insulation is measured) which means the finished installed result is less than the stated bag rating, this usually means its below code.
By insulating your home to a high level you will save on energy, improve indoor living conditions all year round meaning less money spent on power and less doctor visits. Remember once the house is built most areas will be inaccessible so do it right first time.

Why should I use Insultech Insulation?

By using Insultech Insulation you are using a company with over 25 years experience in the industry meaning your insulation is installed correctly by trained, professional insulation installers not hired labour or contractors with minimal experience and all our work comes with a 15 year workmanship guarantee*

*Terms and conditions apply

OK I’ve decided to use Insultech Insulation what do I do now?

Currently under construction? Give us a call and we will come out and measure up. Alternatively email your plans to

Planning stage. Give us a call and we can arrange a time to visit and go through your different options. We are also happy sit down with your architect to ensure you get the correct & best insulation on the plans right from the start.

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