Why Insultech


With 25 years experience in insulation and heating products, your choices couldn’t be simpler!

Insultech Insulation is family owned and operated and can help you select the most suitable, cost effective heating and insulation system to suit your needs and assure a comfortable home – forever! We specialise in residential insulation – roof insulation, floor insulation and existing wall insulation, New Build housing and fixing existing homes.

We offer a unique one stop for insulation, energy efficient acoustic products, which provides a total solution to your home problem.

Our services include:

  • Home comfort & efficiency rating assessment
  • Free insulation measure and quotation service
  • Specification of correct insulation materials and methods
  • Insulation assessment and selection of insulation suppliers
  • Professional certified installation of insulation
  • Recommendation regarding existing insulation
  • Removal service for undesirable old insulation or damp insulation

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Insultech’s experience in the residential energy efficiency industry is second to none in New Zealand. The company was established in Auckland in 1990 by two partners with combined experience in insulation of over 20 years, to address the causes of New Zealand’s cold, damp houses. Since then, the company has developed a range of insulation systems by working with major international insulation manufacturers for new or existing home floor, wall and roof insulation and other associated home energy efficient measures. 

Insultech Insulation specialises in existing wall insulation. Our dry fibre system uses CosyWall, a mineral wool manufacturered in the USA. CozyWall is formaldehyde free and will not shrink. Cosy Wall is installed via the internal or external linings via a 28mm hole. Our CosyWall system includes reinstatement of the cladding. Call now for you free home comfort assessment.