We all want double glaze windows right?

Do you have single pane glass windows?
You’ve insulated your roof but still feel the cold in winter and sometimes it’s too hot in summer as well?
We all know that double glazing is the building standard but often it is just too expensive to retrofit into our existing window frames, sometimes it won’t fit at all and the existing frames weren’t designed for the weight of the extra glass panes.

Great window insulation performance, winter and summer.
So if you’ve wanted to improve your window insulation and thought “double glazing is off the menu – we just can’t afford it” then Penjerex is a great alternative.

Penjerex window insulation film is 95% as effective as double glazing at around half the cost. It blocks UV by 99% to protect furnishings against fading and even makes your windows safer to protect against injury if a window is broken. It will improve your existing window panes to better than current building code standards.

It’s easier to install and because it’s a virtually transparent internal window film it won’t affect the look (or weight) of your windows or ranch sliders.

So unobtrusive – you won’t even notice it’s there…
What if you could enjoy the view from your windows without inviting in the cold during winter or sweltering in a summer heatwave?

Experience year round comfort…
Because it’s virtually undetectable from your normal single paned windows, you can pick the problem areas to treat and simply upgrade the glass in the hot and cold spots of your home. This means you can keep your window aesthetics compatible with your home decor and provide an affordable alternative to double glazing.
It’s all about picking where you need to insulate your windows to maximise your comfort level – we can advise you where you will get the most benefit.

Save money on heating and cooling your home or office
You may have already insulated your roof and floor but BRANZ research indicates that your rate of heating loss is up to 48% through single glazed windows in winter.

It is estimated you can save more than 20% of the cost of space heating just by insulating your windows for the average NZ home.

The Penjerex technology
Penjerex is manufactured by Nitto Denko in Japan who is a global manufacturer of advanced film and adhesive products with almost 100 years’ experience.

Penjerex is the highest performing window insulation film available and comes with a 10 year replacement warranty so you can be sure you’re installing the best product in your home.

How it works
Technically, Penjerex is a ‘Low Emissivity’ window film. The special metallic foil in the Penjerex film reflects infrared heat back inside your home to reduce the rate of heat loss by 44% over standard window panes. You can’t see the foil but it effectively turns your windows into mini radiant heaters in winter with its high heat reflecting performance.

It also reflects a smaller amount of the solar energy from the outside to keep you home a comfortable temperature during summer.
It sounds incredible, but advances in this window film technology have allowed close to double glazing performance in an easy to install, durable film alternative to full glazing replacement.

Call us to arrange for one of our trained Penjerex consultants to assess your windows with you and advise where the best heating and cooling savings can be made in your home.

Sales Statements
’95% the performance of double glazing for half the price’
‘Reduce your winter heat loss by 44% compared to single glazed windows’
‘99% UV block to protect your carpets and furniture.’