Trufill New Build Insulation

High performance blown insulation for new builds
Trufill Roof Insulation


Blown at medium density for skillion and open or low for truss.
Trufill Wall Insulation


Blown at high density for typical homes or ultra for higher performance.


Blown at low to medium density depending on requirements.
Trufill Floor


Blown at low to medium density depending on requirements.

Learn more about the Trufill System

The Trufill System

Learn more about the Trufill system and how it's installed into new builds using a specialised installation process. Trufill is the smart insulation choice for New Zealand builders.

Installation Timelapse

Watch Trufill being installed into the walls of a typical new build. This project included a service cavity making the wall thickness 140mm deep and was blown at high density achieving R4.1

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