Why Insulate?

Insulating your home is one of the best long term investments you can make for your families health and well being!

New Zealand homes are typically poorly insulated.

Older New Zealand homes were built at a time where insulation standards arn’t what they are today. In most older New Zealand homes there may be a little insulation in the roof but usually the walls and floors are left uninsulated.

What this means is that there are gaps in your homes thermal barrier which means it will be hard to keep cool in the summer, and difficult to warm up in the winter. You usually know if your home is uninslated because you’ll have issues like condensation, damp or wet floors and walls, and your home will be bitterly cold in the winter.

Understanding your homes heat
losses and heat gains.

As the seasons change throughout the year and the outside temperature changes, heat tries to enter and escape from your home. In the summertime, the hot outside air is trying to get inside while during the winter time, the heat from inside your home will try and escape outside.

Home Heat Gains during Summer
Summer heat gains

In the summer, heat will try and enter the house through the roof first, then through the walls, windows and floors. Your home’s thermal efficiency can be improved by insulating each of these areas you’ll seal your home’s thermal envelope and stop or reduce heat gains in these areas.

Home Heat Losses during Winter
Winter heat losses

In the winter, all your effort heating your home is quickly lost if your home is uninsulated. Heat will try and escape through the roof first, followed by the walls, windows and floors. A fully insulated house will trap the hot air inside and reduce your heat losses during winter.

Insulation completes your homes thermal barrier.

A fully insulated house allows you to live comfortably all year round. It also means that whatever effort you put into heating and cooling is kept inside the house for longer. This helps to reduce your homes energy usage and helps to lower your carbon footprint.

Apart from the financial savings, there are also many other health benefits. Your home will be warmer and dryer, and you won’t deal with the same health issues caused by dampness, mould and condensation. Chat to the team at Insultech Insulation about insulating your home today!